Saturday, 21 July 2012

Journey with ‘Her’

It started with a nil
With intentions to climb a hill
A journey towards the helm
Through the hurdles of the realm

Long before I could envision
Long before I could set upon a mission
One soft hand held my arm
One prettiest face to my charm

A road that I promised ‘Her’ to tread
A road till I start earning my bread
She looked at me with divine faith
‘Her’ silent solemn, not a word she said
Hard it was to realize what she meant
Hard it’s still to realize what she underwent

The journey was rough, tough to abort
But I always had ‘Her’ silent support
Neither a second thought, nor a hasty blink
‘Her’ divine presence made the hurdles sink

She helped the fallen me stand on feet
She encouraged me to conquer any feat

When the road grew longer and horizon hazy
During the journey when at times I acted crazy
I could see ‘Her’ lap, mellow as a desert-rose
‘Her’ damp and concerned eyes, inviting me close.

If heavens were to open they start from here
If hell is something then it’s ‘Her’ frowning stare
Sacrificing ‘Her’ desires, she made me a good human being
Neither tears nor pain only smiles to keep me going

And now I look back when I can earn my bread
Through the hardships, the turmoil that one can dread
She has seen them all and been through all
In the modern world she has made me stand tall

I salute to ‘Her’ will, I bow to her strength
I bow to almighty for sending ‘Her’ as a friend
For every birth I pray send ‘Her’ for me
For every moment I pray keep ‘Her’ close to me

A bed of roses for ‘Her’ is all that I dream
A wonderful life for ‘Her’ – to almighty I scream
For this special place cannot be taken by any other
For me it’s only ‘Her’ – the world calls her ‘My Mother’


  1. Adorable taught expressed with immese beauty and deep love :)Amazing work Ankit

  2. Thanks Gagan...keep following :-)

  3. i have obviously read this before as well :) its a beautiful poem i absolutely love the way u built it up :)

    I hope u write more and we get to see a lot of well written words from u!!

  4. It's beautiful :) touches ones heart right where one has a place for his / her mother :) i wish I was as expressive as you..

  5. Must admit this one's beautifully expressed.. Deserves a pat on the back!! Keep writing ;)