Monday, 3 September 2012

When I woke up One Night

(Excerpts from a King’s Diary)

I ain’t any special one
My life was just a normal run
Verses below shall tale the plight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

A regular one, while not too bright
Through the subconscious, I pinched myself light
Casually i tried to lift aside
The scion left foot over the right

The left foot landed in no man’s land
My mouth felt like a pail of dry sand
A horror ran down through my spine
Right leg was missing till the knee line
I shoved upright my officious torso
One that boasted of its ego also
Frantically i searched for the missing part
Part that drove this human cart
Dejected i embraced my misery tight
When, just like any other, i woke up one night.

Excruciating pain i could feel it within
World will treat me as a pitiable sin
Can’t even fetch water to drink
How would i earn my imminent living?
Commiserating pals and kinsmen will surround
None to twig the misery, to which i am bound
A posture that poised, none dared to try
A head that always was held very high
Like a heap of flesh lied in fright
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

From days to weeks to months on the cushion
Solitude helped me bring to fruition
A man may be born with a silver spoon
Retires to heavens but how many croon
Depends on how well you curbed the dearth
Fact is you pay back in the same birth
I may be a king but what am I now
A useless lump to which none shall bow
Doomed with this fate of an internal fight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

And one fine day, when I could take it no more
The day I realized how bliss will galore
 I clutched my right thigh with both my hands
On one leg I carried myself into the stands
The anxious crowd dead silent as I appeared
An ‘unworthy’ ‘coward’ ‘lame’ king ‘disfigured’
Addressing them with the learnings on the cushion
The crowd listened to me in an awe-struck fashion
From courts men, to cobbler; from merchant to knight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

Assurance that I gave my men from then on
The kingdom shall see yet another dawn
If a demolished man like I can rise
So can you, O’ my kinship wise
The day light awaits, clear your sight
Through perseverance, the passion you need to ignite
Set your horizons and strengthen your might
Just like your king when he woke up ‘that’ night


  1. nyc... it actually reminds me of a character frm a movie - pearl harbor...

  2. Love the way you write I will be using the phrase human cart in my writing now.... copyright issues ho sakte hain :) lovely read.. keep blogging!!

  3. Very inspiring... you are such a good writer KT.. Keep it up :)