Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Charm of Distance

Those were the days when I was a student
Never realized how quickly life had bent,
Last exams of life and books were already away,
Those were the days, not so long back, when we would just sway.

Girls and women were things being fantasized
How to kill time was something I never emphasized
When one fine day, mom came up with a solution
Let’s find you a girl out of your imagination.

A girl who would swore with you for life
A girl who would soon be called your wife
I questioned her back as I skipped a beat
I could sense some coldness in the scorching heat

Why do you want to put me in wedlock?
Is there no other ship to drown in the dock?
She pacified me as she has always done,
Let’s start the search now before left are none

The first day uncle took us on the hunt
A girl opened the door, my reaction - 'blunt'.
Quite a meeting it was, which was not
Exchanged glances were never given a thought.

For several following days the hunt kept on
Some made me WOW!, some made me yawn
Few days later, uncle asked me to rethink
On something which, on the first day of hunt, had just passed by like a blink.

How can just one meeting decide your fate,
Was something which I was not able to digest
I gave it a long thought and came to a conclusion
'Let’s meet up again and then arrive at a decision'

We decided to meet up over lunch
And then began a story of a colorful flower bunch.
Honey chilly potatoes never tasted that good,
Few smiles over lunch like laughters of childhood.

The fragrance that was drowned away
In the kitchen of 'her' home the first day
Was everywhere around me today
I didn’t want to let 'her' go away

The very next day I was there with my stand
Ready to call 'her' and ask for ''her' magical hand
But then I heard something grave coated in honey
“I am not ready for this and let’s leave it to destiny”

I felt a little broke, but later pacified myself,
Why to worry for books which are not yet on the shelf?
I moved on and the hunt continued
But the thought of her denial kept me glued

Then one fine day, out of the blues
A mail came to me, to my amuse
A mail that regretted of decision made in haste,
A mail that wanted this alliance not go waste.

A mail that would turn our wheels of fate
A mail that marked the finding of my mate
For this alliance can be challenged by none
The alliance that merges 2 souls into one

The families congratulated, they were elated
But one thing in my mind now haunted
Just a couple of days and I’ll be off
Dear, oh dear, I’ll miss you a lot

Miles of distance between us will soon be there
The thought gave me shivers as I was not aware
Met her for the last time before my departure
A meeting I can never forget, your void will be a torture.

And then with a heavy heart, I arrived here
Numb was the feeling, wished ‘you’ were here
Monday of May and the job began its toll
Even the classy Deere couldn’t make me forget all

Then I found a solution to bring you close to me
Let the technology of Video Chat bind thee
The feeling of seeing u again was just so heavenly
Miles between us yet we sit so closely

The days will pass, the seconds will tick away
Let us wait together, for our big day
For the heavens will come down, the gods will shower their blessings
The winds will sing the song with aroma of jasmine dressings

Like we exchanged the rings, we’ll now exchange the garlands
The world will come to see us together, from the far lands
And then will unite the souls of you and I
Promises of next several births and this painful time will just fly.
- with Love

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