Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Sentinel

He wakes when the world is dead
His own world awaits whom he left behind
With only the hollow darkness ahead
Just to feed his family on his mind

Neither plead nor commit a crime
He resorts to a profession taxing on him
Sleepless nights and rare family time
Night leaving its color on his eyes' brim

Safety for self or a safe haven for us
A dilemma that may cost his entire life
Chilling moonlight or amidst gushing dust
Anxious for me more than his own wife

Listens to my crib while I miss his salute
A daily offering he pays without a blink
With concern for his child but no refute,
What I give in return, makes me think

He gets much 'more' than a scanty wage
A blind eye to his war with last night's rage
An ignored heroism while I was fast asleep
A onerous battle with fear, given no heed
A usual suspect for a crime in vicinity
Beating around the bush while disposing his duty

All this just to feed his hungry clan behind
With a modest wish to see his baby shine
To elate those anticipating eyes of his wife
When he brings home few pennies worthwhile

He doesn't speak but his eyes do demand
Just a bit of respect rather than reprimand
A dignified life is all he aspires
Not a lavish life till he retires

Today when I'll see that wrinkled face
In the evening upon reaching my base
That ripped uniform, that dangling lace
Preparing himself for another darkness

I vow to greet him before he does
Every morning and during dusk
It's just a gesture that will help him boast
A man denied dignity will haunt me the most