Monday, 3 September 2012

When I woke up One Night

(Excerpts from a King’s Diary)

I ain’t any special one
My life was just a normal run
Verses below shall tale the plight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

A regular one, while not too bright
Through the subconscious, I pinched myself light
Casually i tried to lift aside
The scion left foot over the right

The left foot landed in no man’s land
My mouth felt like a pail of dry sand
A horror ran down through my spine
Right leg was missing till the knee line
I shoved upright my officious torso
One that boasted of its ego also
Frantically i searched for the missing part
Part that drove this human cart
Dejected i embraced my misery tight
When, just like any other, i woke up one night.

Excruciating pain i could feel it within
World will treat me as a pitiable sin
Can’t even fetch water to drink
How would i earn my imminent living?
Commiserating pals and kinsmen will surround
None to twig the misery, to which i am bound
A posture that poised, none dared to try
A head that always was held very high
Like a heap of flesh lied in fright
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

From days to weeks to months on the cushion
Solitude helped me bring to fruition
A man may be born with a silver spoon
Retires to heavens but how many croon
Depends on how well you curbed the dearth
Fact is you pay back in the same birth
I may be a king but what am I now
A useless lump to which none shall bow
Doomed with this fate of an internal fight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

And one fine day, when I could take it no more
The day I realized how bliss will galore
 I clutched my right thigh with both my hands
On one leg I carried myself into the stands
The anxious crowd dead silent as I appeared
An ‘unworthy’ ‘coward’ ‘lame’ king ‘disfigured’
Addressing them with the learnings on the cushion
The crowd listened to me in an awe-struck fashion
From courts men, to cobbler; from merchant to knight
When, just like any other, I woke up one night.

Assurance that I gave my men from then on
The kingdom shall see yet another dawn
If a demolished man like I can rise
So can you, O’ my kinship wise
The day light awaits, clear your sight
Through perseverance, the passion you need to ignite
Set your horizons and strengthen your might
Just like your king when he woke up ‘that’ night

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Journey with ‘Her’

It started with a nil
With intentions to climb a hill
A journey towards the helm
Through the hurdles of the realm

Long before I could envision
Long before I could set upon a mission
One soft hand held my arm
One prettiest face to my charm

A road that I promised ‘Her’ to tread
A road till I start earning my bread
She looked at me with divine faith
‘Her’ silent solemn, not a word she said
Hard it was to realize what she meant
Hard it’s still to realize what she underwent

The journey was rough, tough to abort
But I always had ‘Her’ silent support
Neither a second thought, nor a hasty blink
‘Her’ divine presence made the hurdles sink

She helped the fallen me stand on feet
She encouraged me to conquer any feat

When the road grew longer and horizon hazy
During the journey when at times I acted crazy
I could see ‘Her’ lap, mellow as a desert-rose
‘Her’ damp and concerned eyes, inviting me close.

If heavens were to open they start from here
If hell is something then it’s ‘Her’ frowning stare
Sacrificing ‘Her’ desires, she made me a good human being
Neither tears nor pain only smiles to keep me going

And now I look back when I can earn my bread
Through the hardships, the turmoil that one can dread
She has seen them all and been through all
In the modern world she has made me stand tall

I salute to ‘Her’ will, I bow to her strength
I bow to almighty for sending ‘Her’ as a friend
For every birth I pray send ‘Her’ for me
For every moment I pray keep ‘Her’ close to me

A bed of roses for ‘Her’ is all that I dream
A wonderful life for ‘Her’ – to almighty I scream
For this special place cannot be taken by any other
For me it’s only ‘Her’ – the world calls her ‘My Mother’

The greatest learning

Hooo Hooo Baaa.....Thump!!
I have finally landed on a moon-like surface after crawling on earth for some 25 years. Please do not take this statement as it sounds as I will now familiarize you with the different analogies displayed in it. Firstly, its a jump - a leap rather, from one phase of life to another. Secondly, a moon-like surface because this phase is definitely at a higher intensity and a higher mental altitude than the previous one and just like the spots in moon this phase will have some rough patches too although predominantly it will shine and glitter with charm (I am sure it will and I am not being too optimistic!). Thirdly, I was crawling on earth's surface as life used to be very normal, very passive and most of all it used to be the way I wanted it to be.
the leap has taken place. The much awaited has happened. The gears of life have shifted yet again but this time to attain a pace greater than ever before along with some huge responsibilities on the shoulders.
Life is not going to be the same because there is another life associated to it now. My spouse, my better or rather my best half, my wife, my second soul.
She is not like me and I am not like her. She doesn't like cricket, I can't live without it. She loves shopping, shopping is a nightmare for me. She doesn't like dancing, dance is my passion. She doesn't speak much, I can't stop blurting for hours. She likes
 saas-bahusoaps, I fall asleep when they are on. She likes English songs, I like soft Hindi songs. She doesn't express her feelings, I don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to expressing my feelings. She has a sister with whom she shares everything, I have none. She is a true theist, I am an agnostic.
Obviously, such attributes were known to me earlier as well, but Despite so many contrasting attributes we have taken vows now because we developed a bond. We have made promises to each other. We are one.
So, from here onwards, it will never be 'I', it will be 'WE'... Always...
Yes, we are no more bachelors now. We are married. From a boy and a girl to a man and a woman. This feeling does give us
 goose flesh but this is something which will contribute to the largest part of our lives' learning. It's not just "My Life" now. It's our life.C'EST NOTRE VIE.
A different sort of education begins now. The
 Grihistha as it is called has begun.
Let us stand
 up to it.
Let us live it with smiles on our faces.
Let us contribute to it in our best possible way.
Let us give it what it needs to cement it.
Let us lay the foundation of the strongest home ever.
Let us keep ourselves and the people around us happy.
Let us hold our hands to fight against the unwanted.
Let us build up the courage to absorb the unexpected.
Let us build up the trust to help each other walk when one is blindfolded.
Let us make this relationship the most cherished possession of our lives.
Let us Rock!

The Charm of Distance

Those were the days when I was a student
Never realized how quickly life had bent,
Last exams of life and books were already away,
Those were the days, not so long back, when we would just sway.

Girls and women were things being fantasized
How to kill time was something I never emphasized
When one fine day, mom came up with a solution
Let’s find you a girl out of your imagination.

A girl who would swore with you for life
A girl who would soon be called your wife
I questioned her back as I skipped a beat
I could sense some coldness in the scorching heat

Why do you want to put me in wedlock?
Is there no other ship to drown in the dock?
She pacified me as she has always done,
Let’s start the search now before left are none

The first day uncle took us on the hunt
A girl opened the door, my reaction - 'blunt'.
Quite a meeting it was, which was not
Exchanged glances were never given a thought.

For several following days the hunt kept on
Some made me WOW!, some made me yawn
Few days later, uncle asked me to rethink
On something which, on the first day of hunt, had just passed by like a blink.

How can just one meeting decide your fate,
Was something which I was not able to digest
I gave it a long thought and came to a conclusion
'Let’s meet up again and then arrive at a decision'

We decided to meet up over lunch
And then began a story of a colorful flower bunch.
Honey chilly potatoes never tasted that good,
Few smiles over lunch like laughters of childhood.

The fragrance that was drowned away
In the kitchen of 'her' home the first day
Was everywhere around me today
I didn’t want to let 'her' go away

The very next day I was there with my stand
Ready to call 'her' and ask for ''her' magical hand
But then I heard something grave coated in honey
“I am not ready for this and let’s leave it to destiny”

I felt a little broke, but later pacified myself,
Why to worry for books which are not yet on the shelf?
I moved on and the hunt continued
But the thought of her denial kept me glued

Then one fine day, out of the blues
A mail came to me, to my amuse
A mail that regretted of decision made in haste,
A mail that wanted this alliance not go waste.

A mail that would turn our wheels of fate
A mail that marked the finding of my mate
For this alliance can be challenged by none
The alliance that merges 2 souls into one

The families congratulated, they were elated
But one thing in my mind now haunted
Just a couple of days and I’ll be off
Dear, oh dear, I’ll miss you a lot

Miles of distance between us will soon be there
The thought gave me shivers as I was not aware
Met her for the last time before my departure
A meeting I can never forget, your void will be a torture.

And then with a heavy heart, I arrived here
Numb was the feeling, wished ‘you’ were here
Monday of May and the job began its toll
Even the classy Deere couldn’t make me forget all

Then I found a solution to bring you close to me
Let the technology of Video Chat bind thee
The feeling of seeing u again was just so heavenly
Miles between us yet we sit so closely

The days will pass, the seconds will tick away
Let us wait together, for our big day
For the heavens will come down, the gods will shower their blessings
The winds will sing the song with aroma of jasmine dressings

Like we exchanged the rings, we’ll now exchange the garlands
The world will come to see us together, from the far lands
And then will unite the souls of you and I
Promises of next several births and this painful time will just fly.
- with Love


Reminiscing the last 2 years,
At the end of a sojourn
Brings me to tears
That they end so soon
Loads of ups and loads of downs
I’ve seen them all, I’ve been through all
Yet I managed to keep my ground
And here I begin a tale easily found
1st sem was a learning time
A pinch of sugar but a lot of lime
My maiden hostel-life and the “dis”-orientation to begin
PDPs that popularize to lectures not so keen.
Subjects far from logic
And no pretty faces around
That’s what marked my 1st sem
that went without a sound.
2nd sem came in with a big bang
When all of us had formed our own gang
Everyday life had new things to preach
But for the teachers there was nothing but to teach
then came the 3rd when I got “exchanged”
it seemed that the world around me had changed
the places that were till now just a part of my dream
stood right in front of me like an icing of cream.
Summers went mostly at home
And Airtel was just a certificate dome
Stipend was nil and petrol price was great
but free food and phone calls did compensate
4th was when the seniority prevailed
Cricket blossomed and academics failed
Cribbing sophomores were indeed fun
And the bhasad that shot in lobbies was awesome
5th was when the priorities changed
From placements that haunted to STPs they ranged
15 companies came and went without me
16th was the one that heard my plea
And now it’s 6th, the final cram
And about my CGPA,
Huh! I don’t give a damn!
Alas! I sum it up for you
with my final adieus
that I will cherish these 2 years
absolutely without any blues.
I’ll miss the parties,
I’ll miss the nights
I’ll miss the DLP
And undoubtedly I’ll miss you guys!

Let's view the Chakravyuh

If you have been following my blogs regularly, then you might remember that I always 'boast' about my strong faith in my abilities. Sports is one such ability in me. So, it happened like this.Chakravyuh at IMT is a massive sports event and some people can go to any extent just to be a part of it. The preparations for the Chakravyuh begin a month before the commencement of the event. The event begins to sprinkle the rays of its grandeur days before its actual start. I could not be the part of Chakravyuh '09 as I had been exchanged to France along with my other classmates. Groups of 24-25 men and women form a team which would include players who will play all sorts of sports. 10-15 teams are formed from IMT alone, with names ranging from some serious ones like Kshatriyas, Maharathis and Titans to some as funny as my own Desi Tammanchey Bidesi Bomb, Tapan Baba 24 chor and Lazy Bones. The Kshatriyas and Maharathis supposedly being the 'best' teams of IMT. Now. . .Considering my cricketing career at IMT (which has {touchwood} never seen a downfall) I was pretty sure of being one of the most probable candidates among those who would be selected for cricket in one of the 'best' teams of IMT. Most expectedly Maharathi as they were the ones with whom I played most of my matches, were my 'good' friends and on a few occasions stood out as a match-winner for them too. But. . . C'est ma vie! If all goes well then the learning for me would be minimal. The team Maharathi (which was constituted without me) was one of the best cricketing squad at Chakravyuh. They had all the essential ingredients of bowlers, batsmen and fielders. Days, weeks were receding hastily. Chakravyuh was approaching. My classmates who were not participating in Chakravyuh were making plans for a 3-day trip on Chakravyuh days and were persuading me to accompany them in case I am not playing in the Chakravyuh.But suddenly one day a Marketing batch student comes up to me and asks me if I am a part of any team or not and if I would be willing to join his upcoming team comprising of members comparatively 'new-to-sports'. I told him I need some time to think about this. That night, I lied down in my bed and thought something very unusual. I am calling it unusual because I am finding it difficult to categorise it into good or evil. I'll share those thoughts with you. I thought, if somehow I could manage to give my best shot in the matches while playing for this team of less-regular players then I could come into lime-light. But, Cricket is a game which is seldom won single-handedly. Victory has to be a team effort. The next night I received a mail from my team captain. It said "the main objective behind the formation of our team is to let all the team members participate in at least one game." My heart sank. How could a team captain put winning as a secondary objective???? How can the people who are never seen playing anything emerge out of the blues as winners? It was then that I made a solemn. The Chakravyuh was now just 1 day away. Everybody was practising Cricket in the field. Maharathi occupying the centre-most position and rightly so, after all, cricket was their most victory-expected game. Our team needed the practice most. Some players showed good touch with the ball and bat at the practice sessions. But was that enough?? The 1st day of Chakravyuh had no sport for me to be a part of. Although I was expecting to be a part of Tennis. The player for a particular sport in our team was not decided on merit basis for sure but on the basis of number of other games he plays. The lower this number the more are the chances of him to play that sport. Anyways, the 1st day of Chakravyuh was event-less. The next morning we had to play cricket against the Kshatriyas. We won the toss and decided to field first. Our bowlers did a fairly good job of restricting them to 43 in 6 overs. But with less experienced side and Kshatriyas' experienced bowling attack this target of 44 was not easy. I and Vaibhav opened the innings and achieved the target in just 17 balls. We reached the 2nd round of cricket in which we were to battle it out against the favourites Maharathis whose team line up boasted of experience, strength, cricket acumen and a great captain. We again won the toss and decided to field first. This time our bowling was treated badly by some great stroke play from the Maharathi batsmen who set up a big target of 64 in 6 overs.This time I and Amit opened the innings for our team. The target seemed distant at first, but when both of us started dealing in boundaries and sixes we finished the game with still 1 out of 6 overs to spare. So what was it that defeated the favourites Maharathi?????? What was it that Maharathis boasted of but we did not?????? I think it was my learnings from the previous similar situations that I faced on the cricket field when I played with most of the Maharathi team members. The learnings from the matches in which I, supported by my fellow batsmen, took the team out of a drowning situation. The learnings which probably Maharathi lacked. After beating the Maharathis we reached the 3rd round of Cricket, probably the farthest our team reached in any sporting event. Though we lost to Amity in the 3rd round, in which they scored a gigantic 92 in 6 overs, even after giving a tough fight to them. So, C'est ma vie. . .oh my god!. . .i've started using this quote as my life's slogan. But, now I can feel it within me that my learning paid well for me. Alhough not well enough, but I could see the inexpressible feeling of triumph and heavenly pleasure in the eyes of each and every member of my team after that victory. Feels awesome to be one of the reasons for that!!