Saturday, 21 July 2012

The beginning of a dream!

After some vague ideas about making a career in writing and putting up a 'comment-seeking-question' on Facebook about 'whether to go for writing a blog or would somebody write a biography on me', I have finally decided to sit down and vent out all that crap, that germinates in my mind on a fairly regular basis, in a virtual format - a BLOG. Somehow, I chose this media because of the ease of writing, spell check (though I don't make too many mistakes), desirable font and last but not the least. . .you can make a plethora of friends read it by posting its link on the various social networking sites and softwares and get some valuable (preferably good) comments...(wink...wink)

So, why am I writing this Blog? Is it a compulsion? Is it a choice? Is it a hobby? Is it for an experience of 'much-heard-about' blogging? Or is it about killing the free time that I am going to get now considering the fact that I now fall under the 'elite' category of PLACED human beings. Well, the answer lies too deep within me to decipher. But what I think is, that I would get some learning out of it for sure. A learning, probably, not too extensive or enriching but a learning for sure.

It could be the most tremendous feeling for many to cross the thin line that distinguishes "Placed" from "Unplaced". And when I crossed that line on that magnificent evening of 8th January 2010, I found myself to be no exception. After attending to a plethora of wishes I finally sat down to think about my future as an HR manager now. Following is the list of questions that arose in my mind:
"Am I happy or am I content?"
"Can I feel that I have found the 'Star' (the aim) of my life?"
"Am I supposed to be doing this for my entire life?"
"Is this feeling going to sustain forever?"
"Is this the ultimate result of my so-called hard work for the past 25 years?"
"Is this what I really wanted to do in life?"
Let me assure you that I am not inspired by some recently released movie. Such questions have been haunting me for quite some time now.
Now you must be thinking if these questions have been haunting me for such a long time then why did I choose to write today.

Well, that's how I would like to introduce you all to my Blog which says "C'est ma vie" which means "It's my life".

My life...It's been great...I have done almost every possible thing which I could afford (or not) till now in my life and I feel very proud to say that I have been able to do a fairly good job in most of my endeavors! Be it sports or academics, performing arts or fine arts I have been able to collect accolades in almost every field right from childhood. Along with providing me with oodles of confidence and experiences of lifetime, it has given me a vast expanse of belief in my abilities.

I rarely find a task un-do-able. But . . . that doesn't make me vulnerable enough to be given a task against my wish. How do you expect me to do something I don't like. What I want in 'my' life is to be famous for 'my' contribution to a field of 'my' choice.

As I am growing, each passing second, minute, hour and a day is telling me to reach out for that 'Star' of my life, but I am so engrossed in fulfilling the desires/wants of the people connected to me directly or indirectly that I have almost lost track of that 'Star'.

But, now that I have the answers to most of the questions, that will make me keep my head held high amongst my peers, I must start hunting for that 'Star'.

In my life, I've learnt at each and every step, in each and every task performed (whether completed or uncompleted) and that too, without a proper guidance. I have learnt to distinguish, on my own, good from evil, helpful from useless and most importantly I have learnt about myself. According to me, a man who can describe himself without the aid of others, is the real man of mettle. C'est ma vie: Develop the thirst through your experiences, Keep learning and use these learnings to satiate your thirst: not in order to survive but in order to sleep well tonight and nights to follow!

P.S: My learning through my first blog: Thinking and writing actually makes one think and then do!

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