Saturday, 21 July 2012

The greatest learning

Hooo Hooo Baaa.....Thump!!
I have finally landed on a moon-like surface after crawling on earth for some 25 years. Please do not take this statement as it sounds as I will now familiarize you with the different analogies displayed in it. Firstly, its a jump - a leap rather, from one phase of life to another. Secondly, a moon-like surface because this phase is definitely at a higher intensity and a higher mental altitude than the previous one and just like the spots in moon this phase will have some rough patches too although predominantly it will shine and glitter with charm (I am sure it will and I am not being too optimistic!). Thirdly, I was crawling on earth's surface as life used to be very normal, very passive and most of all it used to be the way I wanted it to be.
the leap has taken place. The much awaited has happened. The gears of life have shifted yet again but this time to attain a pace greater than ever before along with some huge responsibilities on the shoulders.
Life is not going to be the same because there is another life associated to it now. My spouse, my better or rather my best half, my wife, my second soul.
She is not like me and I am not like her. She doesn't like cricket, I can't live without it. She loves shopping, shopping is a nightmare for me. She doesn't like dancing, dance is my passion. She doesn't speak much, I can't stop blurting for hours. She likes
 saas-bahusoaps, I fall asleep when they are on. She likes English songs, I like soft Hindi songs. She doesn't express her feelings, I don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to expressing my feelings. She has a sister with whom she shares everything, I have none. She is a true theist, I am an agnostic.
Obviously, such attributes were known to me earlier as well, but Despite so many contrasting attributes we have taken vows now because we developed a bond. We have made promises to each other. We are one.
So, from here onwards, it will never be 'I', it will be 'WE'... Always...
Yes, we are no more bachelors now. We are married. From a boy and a girl to a man and a woman. This feeling does give us
 goose flesh but this is something which will contribute to the largest part of our lives' learning. It's not just "My Life" now. It's our life.C'EST NOTRE VIE.
A different sort of education begins now. The
 Grihistha as it is called has begun.
Let us stand
 up to it.
Let us live it with smiles on our faces.
Let us contribute to it in our best possible way.
Let us give it what it needs to cement it.
Let us lay the foundation of the strongest home ever.
Let us keep ourselves and the people around us happy.
Let us hold our hands to fight against the unwanted.
Let us build up the courage to absorb the unexpected.
Let us build up the trust to help each other walk when one is blindfolded.
Let us make this relationship the most cherished possession of our lives.
Let us Rock!

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