Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Portable World

I was bought for dollars, the master spent
Wrapped in pricey sheets and urban scent
Adorned the wall with pride and joy
Others on the wall went quiet and coy

Folks from far flocked around like sheep
In dazzling jewels and pockets deep
Flashes and glitters to welcome me on-board
Thence began a tale of solitude untold

Like a pampered child, I was lauded by all
An object of shimmering glory on the rustic wall
Gazed at my peers with the look of a snob
Among the rotten canvases, felt like heartthrob

I heard them giggle as I turned my gaze away
Unfazed by this act of sardonic display
Boasting of vibrant colours on the face
Divine prints festooned with golden lace

The taut canvas face was wiped everyday
Every speck of dust, was firmly swept away
Days passed away hence many a week
From lauds to gratitude, gaze to a peek

A couple that bragged of immortal love
Kids like those of the angels above
Battled and bayed on petty topics
From choice of car to ‘who carries the bricks’

But, the one that went right through the heart
Was the ‘dollars spent on the trade of my art’
Layer over layer, the dust piled upon
Every day was dusk and nowhere the dawn

Through the astral view I beheld my fall
The cruel peers grinned from the adjacent wall
Weeks into months and months into years
A beauty that once was, now in shambles and tears

The hinge on the left, has left its scars
In this tilted state, I face towards the stars
A brooch that once adorned the wall
My taut canvas sags alone in the empty hall

Master’s kids have grown into men much wiser
Master has grown into a lump much miser
My sagging canvas echoes his receding health
His sons’ wives eye his will and wealth

I learn that this house will come to mortgage
A new master would then light up this cave
I hope of coming out from this dusty grave
It’s a portable world if you see through my eye
Self is most vital for the mortal thy
Just a dangling piece of art if I am
What good to each other are you Oh man!


  1. This is just soo damn true.
    You should write a novel soon really.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Very nice ... you have good hold on vocabulary ... keep writing and enlightening the WORLD with magic of your WORDS